How to Attach Ledger Board to a Stucco Wall

Having a stucco finish on your exterior walls does not prevent you from putting in a deck. All you have to do is install a ledger board, which is typically required in most deck installations. Here is a useful guide on how to do this.

How to Attach Ledger Board to a Stucco WallHow to Attach Ledger Board to a Stucco Wall

Tips on Installing a Ledger Board on a Stucco Wall

The process to install a ledger board on your stucco wall involves these steps:

  1. Mark the area: Use a chalk to mark the location of the ledger board. Ideally, it should be one inch below the bottom of your door.
  2. Cut the stucco: Determine how deep the stucco is by drilling a hole in it. Use a circular saw to cut along your chalk lines to a depth of 3/8 inch. You can then use a chisel to chip off stucco parts that have not fallen off.
  3. Seal the area: This will prevent water from getting behind the ledger board once it has been installed. Now it is time to install a piece of flashing which will hold the ledger board firmly and protect the exposed area.
  4. Installing the flashing: Make sure the flashing is firmly attached and bend it to form a perpendicular lip. Caulk it to seal the flashing in the stucco.
  5. Attach the ledger board: Drill holes in the flashing and fill them with caulking. Attach the ledger board with the help of lag screws which should typically go into a wall stud. When buying screws, select a material that is corrosion and weather resistant. You may now attach your deck to it.

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