How to Install Stone Veneer on Exterior Walls

Are you planning to decorate your exterior walls with stone veneer? That is an excellent choice! Available in a variety of colours, shapes and textures, there is no limit to the design possibilities. These veneers look just like natural stone and last for years with minimal maintenance. That is why they have become the material of choice for architects, builders and property owners across Ontario.


Installation procedure and quality impact the finish and durability of the work. Professional workmanship eliminates the risk of any errors.

Here is a quick guide to exterior stone veneer installation.

  • Prepare the surface: With the right preparation and precaution, stone veneer can be installed on virtually any kind of wall surface. While metal siding and plywood require you to install a weather resistant barrier (and metal lath), stone veneers might be applied directly to a clean concrete or masonry surface or even on unsealed brick.
  • Install a metal lath: Be sure to consult local building codes when installing a metal lath. Attach it horizontally with the cups facing upwards and galvanized 6-inch screws which will go directly into the studs.
  • Put a scratch coat: Mix sand and masonry cement (in the recommended quantities) with water, taking care not to form any lumps. Apply a ½ to ¾ inch layer over the lath with a notched trowel to create grooves. Scrape off the excess and let it dry for 24 hours.
  • Apply the stone veneers: Lay out the pattern on the floor near you. Vary stone sizes and shades to create an interesting design. Ensure joints are of a consistent height and width. Trim the stone veneers with a skill saw or masonry blade if necessary. Make sure they are completely clean and dry before use. Apply some of the mortar mixture on each stone, starting with the corner pieces, and adhere to the wall. Press and rotate to ensure adherence and remove extra mortar.
  • Fill the joints: Using a grouting bag, fill the joints with a ½ inch layer of the mortar mixture. When the grout stiffens, brush the joints with a whisk broom to clean off any remnants. Then use a soft-bristled paint brush to lightly dust the stone veneer.

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