Open or Closed-Cell Insulation – Which is Better?

Whether you use open or closed-cell insulation makes a big difference to its performance as well as the cost of the application. While spray foam insulation has proven advantages over traditional products such as fiberglass, the nature of the foam is equally critical to its outcome. Here is an overview to help you understand the main differences between the two types.


Open Cell vs.

Closed-Cell Insulation

  • Foam cells are not completely closed and have a softer feel
  • Tiny foam cells are closely packed together for semi-rigid appearance and greater insulation
  • Air barrier and insulating material
  • Resists air, water, pests, mould and mildew
  • Typical R-value is 3.5 per inch
  • R-value of 6 per inch or higher
  • Better for interior application
  • Good for exterior use
  • Cannot be used in below grade applications and where water might be absorbed
  • Ideal for flood zones and snowy areas; excellent for roofing cavities
  • Superior sound absorption
  • Higher strength
  • Lower material usage, therefore, it is less expensive
  • Greater density, costs more than open cell spray foam

Choosing open or closed-cell foam for your home

While open and closed-cell foam have specific features and advantages, how they will be used varies by project scope and requirements. Building application, the region in which it is located and budget will impact which type of spray foam insulation you select. Local building codes are also an important factor in your choice of insulating system.

The manner in which spray foam is applied significantly affects its performance. A manufacturer-approved technician will ensure it is done correctly in order for you to realize its optimal performance and protection. Also, when applied properly, it lasts for the lifetime of your building.

The technicians at Platinum Spray Foam are well-versed in Ontario building codes and can help you make the right decision. Our sound knowledge of the building envelope prevents any future issues. Our team is also manufacturer-trained, which contributes to a successful, energy-efficiency strategy. Talk to us about your upcoming construction or retrofit project.

To learn more about open or closed cell insulation, call Platinum Spray Foam at (416) 731-8600 or request an estimate online.

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