Premium Spray Foam—Committed to Improved Air Quality and Sustainability

Platinum Spray Foam is dedicated to preserving your indoor air quality and the environment. The use of sustainable products such as WALLTITE® ECO (as well as our Platinum Stucco) reflects our environmental responsiveness. As an eco-friendly company, we look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and yours.


As more construction engineers and architects move towards green building solutions, environmentally-friendly spray foam insulation goes a long way in helping them improve efficiency of design and HVAC systems. Here we have highlighted some key sustainability factors of our premium spray foam.

Gain LEED Points with Platinum Spray Foam

WALLTITE ECO, our product of choice, is environmentally responsible at every stage of its lifecycle. Here’s how.

  • It contains significant rates of recycled content which is verified by the EcoLogo™ Certification.
  • It uses less energy during production than traditional insulation materials.
  • As a lower density, closed-cell foam, it takes less material to deliver the performance you need.
  • It burns less fuel during transportation since it is transported as a liquid and then expands over 30 times its volume during application.
  • It maximizes building envelope performance allowing HVAC systems to operate more efficiently. (In many cases, mechanical equipment can be downsized at the design phase of the project.)
  • Installation time and labour costs are reduced by a single application of the three-in-one system of insulation, air barrier and vapour barrier.
  • It contributes to a healthy, comfortable indoor environment by creating a draft-free, airtight building envelope that prevents the infiltration of pollutants, toxins and allergens.
  • Testing has proven that this spray foam insulation system does not emit any harmful toxins or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) after installation.
  • It can help your project achieve LEED points in several categories including energy performance, thermal comfort, regional materials, and recycled content.

Outstanding in-place insulation and air barrier energy efficiency, unparalleled durability and improved occupant comfort, health and safety make this spray foam the best insulating solution for green buildings.

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