Choosing The Right Stone

Choosing the Right Stone Veneer for Your Residential or Commercial Project

Stone veneer is used as protective and decorative covering for exterior and interior walls, fireplaces and other surfaces. The quality and type of stone you select impacts the design and determines how long it will last.

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No matter what type you select, our veneers will bring style and extraordinary finish to your projects. Made from the finest stones, they are available in a range of shapes, styles and colours to meet varying design requirements. Engineers, architects and property owners across Ontario choose our stone veneers for their beauty, quality and lasting performance.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting a stone veneer for your home, restaurant or any other type of commercial space.

  • Design: What style do you have in mind? Do you prefer a traditional or modern look? Perhaps you’d like to keep it neutral. If you are not sure which one to choose, come into our store and speak with our stone veneer experts. We have extensive experience with a diverse range of residential and commercial projects and can help guide your selection.
  • Shape: Rectangle, oval, linear or irregular shapes; we have exactly what you need. Each category offers a wide range of choices helping to bring your designs to life. You can also combine one or more shapes for a unique look that few will be able to replicate.
  • Colour: The colour of your stone veneers can complete or disrupt the harmony of your design. Monochromatic, complementary or adjacent shades—the choice you make calls for a combination of aesthetics and function. Your architectural style also influences your selection, as do current colour trends. Platinum Stone Veneer offers a variety of colour palettes and unique colour blends. Our experienced store associates can help you select the right one based on your requirements.

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Platinum Stone Veneer offers you the best products and service. Should you need assistance with your stone veneer selection, we are always ready and happy to help.

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