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How to Install Platinum Stone Veneer

Platinum Stone Veneer provides premium products and service for a superior look and finish. We offer full support from selection to installation, ensuring your projects are completed on time and to your satisfaction. Engineers, architects, property managers and owners across Ontario count on us to help them enhance the appearance of their building structures and boost property value. Whether it is a new construction, complete renovation, or an upgrade, the results are always stunning.


The manner in which your stone veneer is installed impacts the finish, overall look and durability. Read our stone veneer installation guide to optimize your design and maximize the value of your investment.

Stone Veneer Installation Guide

  1. Preparing the surface area: Stone veneer can be installed directly to clean, unpainted or unsealed brick, concrete block or poured concrete interior and exterior surfaces. (For other materials, you may need to install a metal lath first.) Sandblast or waterblast previously coated surfaces to thoroughly clean them. Alternatively, install metal lath and then apply a scratch coat application. All lathed surfaces should be covered with mortar and allowed to set approximately 30 minutes prior to installing stones. Use a soft bristled brush to make ridges in the surface which will ensure a stronger bond.
  2. Determine design layout: Before you install the stone veneer, lay out some on the floor nearby in the desired pattern. Blend multiple boxes to ensure a proper mix of size, shape, texture and colour of stones. Mix colours randomly for a natural look, but aim to keep the aesthetic balance. When applying, remember to keep the joints consistent for a uniform look. Also make it a point to keep the stone and your hands clean throughout the installation process.
  3. Grouting: Evenly apply about a 1/2 inch-thick layer of mortar to the back of the stone. Press the stone firmly into place so that the mortar evens out on all sides and the excess can be removed. Install the cornerstones first. Start at the bottom and then work your way up. After the stone veneers have been applied to the surface, fill a grout bag with mortar (similar to a cake decorating bag) and fill the joints. Ensure that you cover all noticeable, broken or cut edges, as well as any holes, gaps or voids. This will give it an even look and prevent water seepage and pest infiltration.
  4. Cleaning: Clean any excess mortar particles with plain water and a whisk broom, trowel or brush. Wait for mortar to become “crumbly”, then remove. Do not allow it to dry completely on the stone surface or it will be impossible to remove.  It’s best to do this within 30 minutes of the application.
  5. Sealing: Some stone veneers may be sealed and others may not. If you are applying a sealant, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also note that some sealants will change the colour of the stone or create a wet look.

Should you need any assistance with stone veneer installation, we are here to help.

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