Exclusive Stucco EIFS with Neopor Insulation

Wrap your living spaces in the beauty and warmth of Platinum Stucco.

Our top quality Senergy Platinum CI wall system from BASF combines both decorative and insulation properties to offer unmatched aesthetic appeal and functionality. In addition to providing an enhanced level of protection against the elements, it also contributes significantly to lower bills for heating and cooling your building.


Platinum Stucco specializes in designing, building and restoring Stucco and EIFS Systems (Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems) for both residential and commercial/industrial buildings in Ontario. Our crews are experienced and known to complete projects on schedule and according to specifications. Should you require plastering and moulding services, we offer those as well.

Transform the Look of Your Building with Platinum’s Top Quality Stucco

If you are looking for design flexibility, a high quality finish and energy-efficiency, we have you covered. While both our standard and premium stucco products offer limitless styles and quality performance, the Senergy Platinum CI wall system is the ideal choice. It provides superior protection against moisture and air intrusion which surpasses all others available in the market. It also has a high resistance to abrasion, impact and punctures. A choice of boards in R-5, R-7.5 and R-10 thermal resistance allows design flexibility which helps you ensure energy code compliance.

You can count on Platinum Stucco to do what’s best for you. Over the years, we have a long list of happy clients in Ontario.

Available in Canada, only at Platinum Walls

Platinum Stucco with Neopor board outperforms regular stucco in every way. Take a look at the comparison chart below which highlights some of its main advantages.

Platinum Stucco (Neopor) Vs.

Regular Stucco

  • Has a secondary water-resistive barrier for added protection against moisture and air infiltration
  • Susceptible to water penetration,
  • Has a higher R-value which helps maintain comfortable temperatures and lowers HVAC system requirements and energy bills
  • Has been known to suffer air loss and air infiltration which can significantly increase heating and cooling bills
  • Performance advancements include resistance to dirt and mildew
  • Less resistant to mildew, mould and dirt.
  • Available in a variety of colours and specialty finishes
  • Choices may be limited when compared to Platinum Stucco

Whether your project is a new construction, renovation or upgrade, our exceptional products and service will exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship, reliability and customer service. Architects, designers, business owners, property managers and homeowners rely on our premium stucco products and services for their decorative value, superior finish and lasting performance. Read about our Platinum and standard stucco products.

At Platinum Stucco, we truly care about our customers and no project is too big or too small. From floors to walls and building exteriors You can rely on our stucco installation and renovation experts to do a flawless job. We can also give you useful tips on how to maintain and make your stucco last longer and stay beautiful.

Talk to us about your current or upcoming projects. Use our stucco products to enhance the look of custom homes, high rises, commercial buildings, and more. We stand behind the work that we do and source our products from trusted, industry-leading manufacturers like BASF.

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