The Direct Financial Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has proven its value many times over. Easy application, increased energy efficiency and greater durability have made it the number one choice of builders, architects and property owners in Ontario and across the continent. Although it is more expensive than the traditional fibreglass insulation, it delivers higher returns through reduced installation time, continuous performance and year-upon-year energy savings.

  • Saves construction time and cost for builders

    Builders benefit from a multi-functional product that is applied quickly and easily, thereby reducing application time and labour cost. The tightly packed closed-cell spray foam, for instance, adds structural stability and reduces call backs related to building envelope failures. Open cell spray foam on the other hand, is ideally suited to areas where sound reduction may be required. Useful for basements, attics, walls, flooring and garages, the liquid spray foam system expands instantly on contact and can be used anywhere you need insulation.

  • Helps architects earn LEED points

    Whether it is used for flat roofs or cathedral ceilings, straight walls, domes or curves, Platinum spray foam insulation is a great solution. Higher R-values and energy efficiency help address many of the sustainable design challenges that building architects are facing today. Superior protection against air, moisture and vapour protection, increased mould resistance, reduced dust and enhanced energy efficiency, etc. give a boost to your LEED efforts.  Proven products like Icynene® spray foam have helped acquire LEED points for new construction and major renovation projects.

  • Reduces HVAC equipment size and operational expenses

    The superior seal provided by spray foam insulation reduces drafts, dampness and cold spots, all of which have a direct bearing on your energy bills. In many instances, the air-sealing provided by spray foam has reduced the size of the HVAC equipment required to heat and cool an indoor space.

  • Better quality indoor air means fewer absentee days

    Equitable temperatures and better quality indoor air on account of mould and mildew resistance, less dust, etc. contribute to a more comfortable environment. This can help reduce asthma and allergy flare ups (and related illnesses), thus reducing sickness and absenteeism among employees.

Choosing the right density of spray foam and proper installation will maximize your benefits. Platinum Spray Foam technicians are well-versed in building codes and adept at insulating all types of enclosed and unenclosed spaces. They are manufacturer-trained and will ensure the job is done right. Talk to us about your building insulation requirements.

Call Platinum Spray Foam at (416) 731-8600 or request an estimate online. You can also visit our store to see our products and talk to our team.

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